The El Tamalero Story

David was born and raised in the Gulf of Mexico. The city of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. The flavor of our tamales comes from this coastal region of Mexico. He learned the art of cooking by spending his free time hanging out in the kitchen with his mother, grandma and tias (aunt’s).

When he and his brother immigrated to the United States, they landed in the small town of Placerville, Ca., and opened its first Mexican restaurant. After a few years the restaurant closed and David set his sites on raising a family and working in construction, however he never lost sight of his true passion, cooking. No mater where he was in life, he always found himself cooking for family, friends or church events. As his children got older and began participating in extracurricular activities, he found himself cooking again for church, school, pathfinders and any fund raiser or events that came along.

Over the years, when money was tight, he would gather the family and make tamales, and sell them to friends and family. Word began to spread about “David’s Tamales”. He soon came to the realization that this was no longer just a hobby, but rather something people really wanted. He and his wife, Wanda, found a small kitchen and started making tamales on a regular basis. The kitchen eventually became too small for their growing business and they needed help. It became very apparent to David’s 5 children as well, that dads’ tamales were now in demand. At this point David’s children stepped in to help, finding a larger kitchen and updating the equipment to handle the increase in production. David and his new crew hit the ground running and in 2013 El Tamalero – Tamale Man was born serving fresh handmade gluten free tamales to Placerville and surrounding areas.