El Tamalero Tamales

I want to take you on a journey. A journey on who my dad is, David Silva. My hope is that when you taste his food it not just the food you are tasting but the journey of a generation.  As a child I have heard all the stories my and his brother told about living in Mexico and all the ins and outs of being part of a big family.

Dad’s Home

Dad is from the City of Caozacalocs , Veracruz Mexico. Roll that around on your tongue for a bit.  The city of Caozacalocs, is known for three things, the home of Selma Hyak, oil, and being a major port city. Food there is a verity of fresh fruits, vegetables, coffee and seafood.

Small Town in Northern California

Even though I grew up in a small town in Northern California. The tastes and smells all are part of my childhood. When I went to visit my Dad’s hometown of Cuza, my Tia’s took me around the city. It was fun seeing the sites where he grew up. I saw where the family lived, the church they attended and the school my dad went to.

The Food Stayed The Same

Things were all very different from my little part of the world. Although, the one thing that was familiar was the food. My Tia’s took me to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean. When the food was brought out , the table looked like home. Black beans, rice, mole, shredded meat, salsa, tortillas, melted cheese, it all tasted so good. It tasted like home.

Tia Pedecita asked me, “How did I like the food? Was it any different than the US?”

Yes, it was different than the US, but not different from home.

I didn’t want to be homesick but that is what happened, I missed my home and my Dad. The next time I go back I am bring him with me.

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